Institution: University of Krakow
Name of the tool: Krakow Integration Days
Key actors: Students with special needs
Support office
State of the tool: Evaluated
Student's areas involved: Relation with supporting staff
Peers relations
Social life
Description of the tool:

Each year six of Krakow’s universities organise the Krakow Integration Days. The idea of this annual  event is to meet the needs and expectations of students with disabilities and strengthen cooperation among the offices for students with disabilities at Krakow’s universities and, above all, to integrate Krakow’s academic community with the disabled students’ community. Through Integration Days we would like to make people more aware of and sensitive to the problems of persons with disabilities. The Integration Days always comprise some annual events, accompanied by a variety of non-cyclic activities.

What started as a one-day event, initiated by the CUE Office for Students with Disabilities, has grown into a fully-fledged, one-week long series of events, now involving several of Krakow’s universities.

User manual:

The annual events include:

- Integralia Awards (described as a separate tool)

- Photo competition on themes connected with disability

- Trainings Seeing Disability – new project (described as a separate tool)

- Sports Day

- conferences and debates

- thematic exhibitions

- Spring Party

Examples of non-cyclic events:

- happenings

- concerts by disabled Polish singers

- first-aid trainings

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