The EADHE Project

15% of the European population – i.e. about 80 millions people - live with some form of disability. People with disability are underrepresented within higher-education all over Europe. Consequently there is also a lack of an institutional Europe-wide agreed action plan on how to improve the access of people with disability to higher education and to guarantee them equal conditions, also in terms of education. In order to improve this situation this project intends:

  • to collect the major needs of people with disability within higher education institutions in different EU member countries, gather the best practices implemented to meet these needs, and to map the institutions/countries that contribute the best practices;
  • to carry out a piloting of the gathered best practices, with the purpose of identifying some fundamental services, facilities, and practices within higher education that may be suitable to guarantee people with disability accessible higher education everywhere in Europe.

The project will first of all deliver a knowledge base issued by the project partners; it will provide enduring tools to progressively enlarge and enrich that base as further European higher education institutions are contributing to this ‚toolbox‘; finally, it sets up milestones on services,facilities, and practices that should be guaranteed to students with disability all over Europe and taken into account by local and communitarian policy-makers, in order to improve the access to and participation opportunities within higher education.