Institution: University of Leipzig
Name of the tool: Blog from students with hearing impairment for students
Key actors: Students with special needs
State of the tool: Testing phase
Student's areas involved: Accomodation
Travelling to university
Attending lessons
Having an exam and practical course/internship
Dealing with professor and administrative staff
Relation with supporting staff
Social life
Description of the tool:

Blog from students with hearing impairments for students with hearing impairments about living and getting around in Leipzig and studying at the university of Leipzig.



User manual:

What is needed?

- encourage students with special needs to open a blog and share their insider knowledge on how to get around, which places to turn to and what worked well.

For example:

- Insider information about available types of study assistants

- Info for application for study assistants

- Info about possibility to get refunds for specialist literature

- Info that every lecture hall on the main campus has an induction loop and thus enables students who are seated in the first six rows to receive acoustic input similar to FM-signaling

- Useful links …


Web page: