Institution: University of Aarhus
Name of the tool: Academic mentors
Key actors: Support office
State of the tool: Consolidated
Student's areas involved: Attending lessons
Having an exam and practical course/internship
Dealing with professor and administrative staff
Peers relations
Social life
Description of the tool:

In Aarhus University, all target groups described the supervised mentor arrangement at the university as a very good practice that improves the inclusion of students with specific learning difficulties / impairments at the university.

Objective: The aim of offering students a mentor arrangement is to compensate for the difficulties related to the study that the student experiences due to his/her impairment. The mentor arrangement in Aarhus University is mainly used to support students with psychological and neurological impairments and dyslexia.

Description: The academic mentors are themselves students from the same field of studies as the student needing a mentor. The mentors are paid for their work. A student is normally offered 20-30 hours of mentor support per semester plus 5 hours for supervision. The Counseling and Support Unit (CSU) at Aarhus University helps hiring competent mentors and CSU supervises the academic mentors, which secures the quality of the mentors' work. CSU is furthermore in a process of developing a recurring course for mentors, where experiences and challenges can be shared.

The tasks of the academic mentors is not to offer 'homework assistance', or to teach the student the like the lecturer does. Rather, the aim is to support the student on how to study and how to make learning possible, how to handle exams, how to structure an everyday life with a university study and how to create good practices and routines in this regard. The mentors' personal experience and their thorough academic and social knowledge of the local study environment is a central resource in this regard.

Web page: In Danish: a description of the possibility of getting mentor support if you suffer from a neurological impairment.
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