Institution: University of Krakow
Name of the tool: Integralia Awards
Key actors: Students with special needs
Support office
Technical staff
State of the tool: Evaluated
Student's areas involved: Studying
Dealing with professor and administrative staff
Description of the tool:

Integralia Awards are given to persons or institutions in recognition of their work for equal treatment of persons with disabilities in education.

The idea behind it is that encouraging people by rewarding rather than criticizing them brings a much more positive effect.

There are two types of the Award: internal and external.

Internal ones are given to both administrative and academic staff who work at the university for activities towards disabled students

External ones are given to external institutions/persons for activities towards disabled persons in Poland, especially in Cracow.

User manual:

Each academic year the staff of the Office for Students with Disabilities selects two or three candidates who should get the award. Then the meeting is set during which there is a discussion and final decisions are made who to award the certificate to. Unlike the KatPON System, there are no certain regulations or procedures. The decisions are based on the Office’s staff opinions and suggestions as well as the opinions of disabled students.