Institution: All partners
University of Leipzig
Name of the tool: Check-list: proven adjustments in rules & regulations to ease feasibility
Key actors: Students with special needs
Support office
Social services
Technical staff
State of the tool: Design
Student's areas involved: Attending lessons
Having an exam and practical course/internship
Dealing with professor and administrative staff
Description of the tool:

The idea is to accumulate experiences and share them

User manual:

- There are rules/ regulations one is obliged to follow, but there is free space in interpretation and use of them

- One should use possibilities of examination regulations

- If possible adjust situation, time, and modalities of examinations according to needs

- Make technical equipment available and legal if needed

- Create alternative if more time is needed for examinations, papers, etc. (e.g. extension of overall time at university, retake seminars)

- According to some of the staff of Leipzig university individual disadvantage compensation is crucial