Institution: All partners
University of Leipzig
Name of the tool: Check-list: effective communication with colleagues
Key actors: Teachers
Support office
Social services
Technical staff
State of the tool: Design
Student's areas involved: Other
Description of the tool:

The idea is to accumulate and share experiences

User manual:

- Oral inquiries and consultations via phone instead of E-Mail for fast replies and fast solutions

- Cooperation and consultations with other colleagues/ examination authority if SWI asks for support

- share information with other colleagues (teaching/ administrative)/ pass it on especially for further semesters of SWI

- Communication between supportive staff and teaching staff

- Info & education on disadvantage compensation for colleagues and other staff

 - Cooperation with university representative for SWI

- Report technical support needs to facility management for SWI

- Informal proposal regarding needs and supporting medical documents to examination board

- If there is a psychiatric/ psychological diagnosis/ indication: consultation with treating psychologist/ medical doctor to align strategies