Institution: University of Aarhus
Name of the tool: Collaboration between mentors and student guidance officers
Key actors: Students with special needs
State of the tool: Testing phase
Student's areas involved: Studying
Having an exam and practical course/internship
International mobility
Description of the tool:

In Aarhus University, some student guidance officers had had positive experiences with academic mentors joining SWIs for a meeting with the student guidance officer.

The student guidance officers advise all students on how to apply for dispensations, how to change a study plan, how to take a re-exam, how to plan an exchange to another university, etc. They also refer students to the Counseling and Support Unit if they need special support.

The information provided by the student guidance officer is often very complex, and it can be a challenge to capture all the information, especially if you are in a vulnerable state. According to the student guidance officers, in cases where an academic mentor has accompanied the student and been present during the meeting, listened to the information and written it down, the information is more likely to be understood correctly and the student is better able to handle the tasks discussed. Therefore, they recommended that this should be practiced more.

User manual:

In contexts where academic mentors are already part of the support offered to SWIs, the mentors could simply be reminded to ask the SWI if they would like the mentor to join the student in a meeting regarding their studies.

For some SWIs, it may be a relevant and useful support offer, for others it may be completely unnecessary.

It is important that the mentors are clear about their role in the meeting situation to avoid confusing the student guidance officer/the administrative employee.

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