Institution: University of Coimbra
Name of the tool: Mailing List of dissemination of events
Key actors: Students with special needs
Support office
State of the tool: Consolidated
Student's areas involved: Studying
Social life
Description of the tool:

Being communication one of the strongest tools for the human understanding, the University of Coimbra has developed some years ago an electronic list of information and dissemination of various subjects adressed to the SWI registered at the Support Office (Integration and Counselling Unit) and for all the alumni who have received support of this Office while taking their courses.

 Through this list, the Office disseminates information about events at the institution, news about research works or development of products and equipments for support some disabilities.


User manual:

The list is being updated with the disabled or ESN newcomers students applying for support.

This tool was evaluated by the Support Office last year, through an electronic  inquiry to the users with a purpose of updating contacts,  having received interesting comments.