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Institution: University of Bologna
Name of the tool: Faculty's reference persons for disability
Key actors: Teachers
Support office
Technical staff
State of the tool: Evaluated
Student's areas involved: Attending lessons
Having an exam and practical course/internship
Dealing with professor and administrative staff
Relation with supporting staff
Description of the tool:
Since a number of years, each Faculty at Bologna University appointed a contact person for any matter related to disability and disabled students' needs.
This person may belong to the teaching staff as well as to the administrative or technical staff. She or he is closer to students and especially aware about the conditions (access, architectural barriers, organization, didactics, etc.) of the Faculty they actually attend.
Reference persons act as a bridge between the students, the Service for disabled and dyslexic students and the Faculties' structures and staff, improving the overall efficacy of the supporting actions.
User manual:

No special competencies are required to function as reference persons. 

It would be suitable that the person has good communication skills, she/is sensitive towards disability and related needs and willing to dedicate a minimal quota of her/his working time (when required) and work in synergy with the Office for Disabled Students and with the actors involved according to the circumstances.    

As the reference person is expected to act as connection between the Office for Disabled Students, the students themselves and the whole structure and organization of the Faculty, it would be recommended that the she/he is a in the Faculty since a meaningful period of time, in order to have a good knowleadge of the structure, the staff and its internal dynamics and key-actors. 

A reference person per faculty represent may also represent an effective network to spread and gather relevant information all over the University, concerning disability at large. 

Web page: The actual list of reference persons at Bologna University