University of Krakow

The Office for Students with Disabilities was set up in October 2008 to continue the activities started by the Plenipotentiary of Disabled Students at the Cracow University of Economics, Prof. Dr Janina Filek. Our Office, together with the university authorities, and the academic community are committed to do their best to ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to the educational content of the CUE.

Our Office:

  • offers advice and guidance for prospective and current students who declare their disability;
  • coordinates a wide range of services to ensure that these students receive adequate support while studying;
  • helps students with disabilities to integrate into the academic community
  • eliminates architectural, educational and mental barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from studying;
  • organises special courses and workshops to enable students with disabilities to improve their qualifications and thus their employability;
  • provides ongoing assistance to academic staff working with students with disabilities to raise their awareness, change their attitude towards persons with disabilities and break stereotypes;
  • provides students with special equipment such as magnifiers, FM systems etc. to enable them to study on an equal basis;
  • represents the interests of students with individual needs at the policy level and advises the University on disability legislation to make sure their needs are reflected in the university statuts and in the university regulations.


Marzena Dudek
Marek Swierad