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Unit for Integration and Counseling – University of Coimbra

The Unit for Integration and Counseling of the University of Coimbra provides support to students with disabilities and special needs and offers psychological counseling to contribute to the promotion of equal opportunities from university entry to graduation, and to prepare them for a successful professional life. The main activities of this unit are:

  • to promote the welcoming and technical support for students with disability and special needs, which aims at their complete integration at the university;
  • to identify students’ special needs through personal contacts and to design support measures required for a good performance;
  • to contact faculties/academic staff/other university bodies to implement the support measures proposed in response to the needs of students;
  • to inform students about technical aids;
  • to cooperate with schools, local and national entities and research units in order to contribute to a better inclusion of students.

Staff involved in EADHE

Maria Isabel Teixeira Gomes
Rita Catarino (Division of Projects and Activities)
Luís Barata